“Putting in that hard work does pay off. I think also taking that little bit of rejection when you’re younger and having the road a little rocky is good for you”

hey friends!

Last week I got to check a goal off my list… Record a podcast ! I’ll admit I was a little nervous at first, (none one likes the sound of their own voice lol) but its something I wanted to do for a while. I listen to podcasts daily and find them so helpful on so many topics and I want to share my experience with both modeling and photography in order to help others succeed.

Check out my interview with Jacob N. from Lessons Learned !

We talk about how I got into the modeling from contracts to preparing for a test shoot. We get into the business of photography and ways to start out – contracts, copyright and finding your brand.


Posted by:Jess Phillips

Commercial and portrait photographer at jessphillipsphotography.com