Surprisingly I hardly travel with my Canon. Over the past few international trips I’ve made, I’ve opted to leave the big guy behind and relied solely on my iPhone. I find I take way more photos with the quick available iPhone camera. Here’s some rules I like to live by when shooting with my iPhone.

  1. Wipe Off the Lens – seems simple enough, but most of us forget. I try to make it a habit every time I reach for my phone for a photo to quickly wipe the lens with my t-shirt or anything I can find. You’ll be surprised how a simple finger print can make photos out of focus.
  2. Tap the Screen Once – every time you’re just about to take a photo tap on the brightest part of the screen – this helps the phone adjust to the lightening. Its ok if it looks a little dark because it can easily be edited after – right in the Photos App / Edit / Adjust Brightness.
  3. Hold Down for Quick Moving Photos – you can hold down the button you use to take a photo to take SEVERAL PHOTOS at once. This is a great way to capture running kids or blowing out candles.. endless ideas
  4. Turn Off the Grid – yes the 2/3rds rule still applies. But allow yourself to build up an eye for the photo. If you leave on the grid you’ll rely on autopilot and not quite looking for the correct angle.
  5. Make it a Habit – get used to getting your phone (camera) out if anything strikes you as interesting. I often take random photos of textures I like or lightening that I find pretty. Our phones can hold so many photos these days, and its fun to look back and have a great photo journal. And yes. Practice makes perfect.
Posted by:Jess Phillips

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