Yahoo! A little one is on the way and your thinking of capturing your baby bump, but when is the best time to schedule a maternity session?

Scheduling your maternity session can feel like mix of art and science – and we’re not just talking about poses and light. Babies are on their own time – we all know this.

So when is the best time to book your maternity session?

I recommend booking a maternity session when you are between 30-35 weeks.

This time period is usually the sweet spot in time. The third trimester has arrived, your belly is in full shine but not so full that you don’t. However, each woman is different and there are no rules against taking photos outside of this time frame.

The goal of a maternity session is to capture your beautiful pregnant form. By aiming for that window between weeks 30 and 35, we celebrate the contours of your body – during a time period when you’re still feeling really great and not worried about going into labor. We’re also aiming for you to move around comfortably and safely. A majority of maternity sessions are taken outdoors, So, your physical comfort and safety are a top priority.

Sometimes clients plan their maternity session for the recommended timeframe, but change their session to an earlier date because they feel like they’re growing faster than expected. Every woman and their body is unique.  If you want to commemorate and celebrate your pregnancy at 25 weeks, then let’s do it!

When to put it in on the books?

The best time to book your session is at the beginning of your second-trimester; and while you’re at it, you can schedule your newborn photography session – making you a part of our Bump to Baby plan, which gives you a better value for your investment.

For more information regarding maternity sessions please see

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