The experience of my first birth photography session can barely be described. The anticipation leading up to when the baby will come, to driving to the midwifery at midnight..I enjoyed every minute of it. The Harper family invited me to join this special event when I first photographed their birth announcement. Mommy to be asked me after the session if I would be interested (I’d never photographed a live birth before) but I said YES! because why not try something new. We met several times before baby came, and just two weeks before baby came we did a beautiful beach maternity session. The day came and I woke up to a text, “my water broke”. I jumped out of bed and before thinking replied, “I’m on my way!” — ha I know better with births…they can take a while.

Fast forward to midnight and the time had come to photograph a live birth. I met them at the midwifery and began the beautiful process of getting to know the family, supporting where I could, documenting this incredibly emotional moment, and welcome a healthy baby boy into this world. Each moment captured … labor and all it takes, to right onto mom’s chest, cutting the cord, dad’s first time picking him up, grandpa crying for his first grandson…all of them.

I cannot wait to share this moment again with a family and get to document their special little one coming into this world.

Posted by:Jess Phillips

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