I feel I need to say sushi three times for the excitement I have for Buddha’s Favorite Sushi and my new partnership with them!

Buddha’s Favorite has been my go to sushi spot since moving down to the peninsula 5 years ago. I go no where else – and I’m not kidding. Its very much what a sushi joint should be. Small, bar seating only almost, GREAT sushi chefs, and you never have to pick up a menu. The rolls are always incredible but more than that – its the experience. Its not wanting to leave after being there for 3 hours – it sucks you in. In a good way. The bar is small so you have make friends with your neighbors – but I’m always game. The sushi chef Hiroshi is full of energy and smiles. He’ll serve you up an incredible roll but watch out – you become friends and don’t be surprised if he comes from behind the bar to pour sake in your mouth.

So my new journey with them – besides continuing to eat there – is photography. And helping them jump into social media and beyond. I kinda don’t want to share this place too much – but its such a hidden gem ..I have too.

Posted by:Jess Phillips

Commercial and portrait photographer at jessphillipsphotography.com

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