Dearest SAGE,

Your name was “picked for you by sage blooming at the right time”.. your mom told me as we walked past a garden box of sage on your photo session. Already so fitting, as your parents are ridiculously good chefs and their adorable home is fully of houseplants and herbs, and oh ya.. your mom teaches yoga too. GUHHH I love your name. Your parents worked SERIOUSLY hard right before arrival and your nursery looked out straight out of Apartment Therapy – hanging plants, A-Frame roof and I still can’t get over that stunning ombre wall. Our photoshoot was a breeze as you were a dream newborn to photograph, and I swear you even gave a smile. Looking forward to seeing you grow older dearest Sage.

PS. Your mom wrote a really rad story about you on her blog New Food Tuesdayz.

Posted by:Jess Phillips

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