Newborn lifestyle documentary style sessions are serrrrriously becoming my favorite thing ever. And its funny, it’s a niche that has seemed to have found me. The more I photograph newborns at home the more I enjoy capturing all these amazing moments with the new parents. I love creating a story of the first few days at home.

Julie and David reached out after not originally thinking of newborn photos. But I was flattered when they found my style something they could envision for these moments. We started the newborn session like most – go with the flow. I walked through their gorgeously lit space, funky decor and decided to start of course the bright sliding door with the AHHHMAZING guitar wall. I try to incorporate as much as the families personal style or things in their home that screams THEM! Which is defiantly why we had to capture their eclectic bar – fully equipped – ready for some crafted cocktails by dad.

Posted by:Jess Phillips Photography

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